911 – tail or no tail?

The gold one is from 1982 the blue 1981

UPDATE: As far as I can tell, the spoiler on a 911 has no practical function unless it is a turbo model. On the turbo there is a larger engine which needs extra ventilation and Porsche decided that instead of redesigning the back of the car to allow for this they would put on a rear spoiler which has the dual function of allowing the ventilation and holding down the back end at very high speeds. What happened next was that people ordering the non-turbo models liked the look of the rear wing and asked for it as an extra on their cars. By 1980 it was added as an official factory option and thats why so many 911sc and Carrera cars from the 80s have them. So I actually prefer the simplicity of the exposed rear, especially on the Targa model with its beautiful wraparound back window


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