Silver Excel

Here is an ebay auction. Its about £2500

From The seller: “Hi welcome to the sale of my classic LOTUS EXCEL SE.

I am a retired aircraft engineer and I always run a classic car as my very day vehicle as a running restoration, and this is my 3rd project. My previous 2 were a Mercedes 280 sl and a Panther lima 2 turbo they each took 3 years and gave me a great deal of pleasure. But age is beating me and I have been advised to find something less strenuous to keep me amused.

The lotus has had a lot of money spent on it by previous owners but most of the early history is missing.

When I purchased the car last year she had been kept on the Isle of Man from 2005/6.

The registration docs show she had a colour change from red to silver, and looking at the quality of the job it must have required a major strip down.

The HPI check shows 16000 on the clock at this point. I believe there must have been a major overhaul of the engine at this stage as the motor runs like a clock with oil pressure at 4 bar running hot and 1.5 bar at tick over hot.

I sorted the running faults due to lack of use by the previous owner. Stripped and rebuilt the twin choke carbs and fitted a electronic fuel pump. She now runs like a dream and will return 30mpg on a run.

The car is not a show winner but with the full leather interior and the smart paint job is a pleasure to own. The engine is oil and water tight and has not funny noises the Toyota gearbox is superb, as is the rest of the Toyota running gear. There are no water leaks to the body and the roof liner looks like new.

The brakes and tyres have about 2000 miles of use

Faults. Small crack on bumper (my fault ) micro blisters on the headlamp pods.

The clutch master cylinder had a small weep when I got it so I have a new cylinder but have yet to fit it (not difficult).

Ring oblong spot on nearside needs changing, not an mot item

The passenger door latch is a bit slow (do not slam the door)

Small hole in leather over rear wheel arch. The leather interior could do with some hide food etc. the leather fillet at the base of the windscreen has shrunk in the sun. I have a supply of leather to carry out repairs.

There is a full lotus workshop manual with the car.

I have tried to cover most items I can remember.

I will only accept offers from a person who has viewed the car


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